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Ripe for Discussion: SOUTHwest

paving the road from farm to plate

— November 3, 2019 —


At each RIpe for discussion session, we break down larger, intractable food problems into digestible pieces that we can solve with social innovations. Using our unique methods, we are bringing together professionals facing challenges in food processing to design actionable solutions to shared obstacles. Our guests bring expertise from meat to value-add to produce. During the session, we’ll break down big obstacles in to digestible pieces that we can work together to develop solutions that chip away at greater food systems woes.


Location To Be Determined!


Admission: $25 donation

Time: 2pm - 5pm

Date: November 3, 2019

It goes a bit like this...

Our Ripe for Discussion series consists of micro-think tanks where everyday leaders roll up their sleeves and build change through discussions and design-thinking inspired development sessions.

  • First, we start with a contextual framework—an introduction of empirical data and evidence-based context for the session.

  • Next, we hear from community and subject matter experts—learning from their lived and worked experience and expertise.

  • Working in small groups, we define the problem, identify the opportunity, and concept an inventive solution—participants bring their own knowledge and synthesize the content of the session.

  • Afterward, attendees head home with new insights and together, we’ll dig deeper—the work products are made publicly available and the innovation process continues with the formation of a dedicated community working group.




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