Ruminate Labs through Our Process

The Ruminate process <link to process part of Meet Us page> is built on behavioral science and design thinking methodologies. In Ruminate Labs, we’ve crafted our own version of these methods that strike a balance between learning from metrics and lived experience.


  • Inspiration from Rumination Summits

  • Community Outreach

  • Evidenced-based literature review

  • Subject matter experts

  • In-depth interviews


  • Concept Workshop at Rumination Summits

  • Design Intervention


  • Test Concepts

  • Strategize Delivery

  • Test Methods of Change


  • Determine proof of concept

  • Measure Uptake & Engagement

  • Assess impact

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    • Projects

      • Big Sentence: There’s a lot of room for improvement with our food system.

      • Little sentence:And within each issue, there are infinite solutions. Ruminate Labs focuses on the core ways Ruminate is looking to make change. <button to take them to the applicable section on Meet Us page>

        • Demystifying complex food topics and empowering individuals to make informed choices and by normalizing food with a conscience

        • Increasing accessibility for anyone to purchase food based on their values.

        • Supporting the growth of environmentally sustainable, ethical, and fair practices across the food system

Work with us plug: Our work tackles intractable problems in a measurable way. through intentional design, building off of discussions and research. Talk to our development team about working with Ruminate. Link to email