Ruminate supports food systems with a conscience and fosters smarter connections between good people and good food.

What we do

Evidence-based. Unbiased. Inclusive.

Part innovation lab. Part think tank. Through an action-oriented approach, we combine the science of quantitative data and measurable impact with the qualitative wisdom of the food community and lived experiences. We break down tough problems to find effective solutions through in-person engagements, social innovation, and digital interactions.


Our Process


We balance our knack for numbers with an ear for listening.

Whether you’re ideating solutions with other food leaders at one of our micro think tanks, Ripe for Discussion, or actively building tools for change with us through Ruminate Labs—not only will you see our process, you’ll be a part of it.


Build a data frame

Ruminate quantifies an unwieldy food system issue with existing programs, literature, statistics, and empirical analysis.



Color in the details

We link up with subject matter experts to understand the minutiae of each issue via an interview with our labs team or engaging in a conversation at our summits or discussion series.



Give a topic life

Whether we are conducting an in-depth interview or listening to community-led discussions,  we grow our understanding of any issue by learning from others’ lived experience.




We break down the issue, discuss existing solutions, diagnose gaps, and put together the pieces to define what might solve our problem at hand.




Big problems aren’t solved in one conversation or round of interviews. As Ruminate uses this rhythm, we develop a deeper understanding and uncover more insightful solutions.



Design new solutions

After condensing our newfound insights, Ruminate uses behaviorally informed design methods, both internally and within communities, to devise innovative solutions to complex issues.


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