Ruminate supports food systems with a conscience and fosters smarter connections between good people and good food.


Ethical. equitable. Environmentally sustainable.

Ruminate envisions a world where food with a conscience is just “food.” We believe all Americans should have access to food for both nourishment and enjoyment. That they have access to food that represents their values from a system that is ethical, equitable, and environmentally sustainable. We’ll get there by building pathways that unite diverse minds of the food industry, supporting the growth of sustainable business models that create and bring us food, and ensuring that all Americans can make informed decisions about what they purchase and eat. We help people break down  opaque information, distorted social norms, cognitive biases, and information avoidance.


 Our methodology drives change by:


Building communication within and between different sectors of the food industry, supply chain, and relevant organizations



Creating spaces where these sectors work together to problem solve food systems issues



Developing programs that support the growth of environmentally sustainable, ethical, and equitable practices across the food system and supporting the growth of “food with a conscience.”



Creating tools and building discussions that cause individuals to ruminate on complex issues that may not be readily apparent



Empowering people to take action based on informed personal priorities



Building coalitions and programs that work toward all individuals having access to purchase food based on their values


What is Food with a Conscience?

Food with a conscience is food that is ethical, sustainable, and fair. Ruminate looks to build and amplify systems, organizations, and people rooted by these values.



An ethical food system is one where all individuals across the supply chain work in a safe environment, with dignity, and are earning a livable wage. It’s a system where the welfare of animals is protected and protein harvesting is responsible.


An equitable food system where exchanges of goods and services through the entire food chain are just and where everyone has access to food that is healthy, nutritious, culturally appropriate, and that represents their values. It is a system with transparency and where all costs of doing business are internal to a business and not put on society.

Environmentally Sustainable

An environmentally sustainable food system ensures clean land, water, air, and seeds—the building blocks that allow our food to grow.


 Our Theory of Change

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